Cow Share Program

Welcome to Over The Grass Farm Cow Share Program

Providing raw milk services for your cow share

We provide a year round cow share services for our customers because we have a breeding schedule that lets the cows rest and calve as they would naturally in the wild. Our herdsman are dedicated to providing you with the best grass based dairy services. Please visit our Cow Staff page (in progress) to meet the girls in person.

Our professional staff not only monitors the quality of the milk we process for you, we get to know these animals personally and watch for any signs out of their normal stress free lives. They will tell us or show us if something is not right.  They have their own private grazing acreage close to the milking facility so we can keep an eye on them. Mothers and babies are left together so they are close to each other where the mother can protect and teach the calf what it needs to learn. They are very happy and seldom apart unless the little one needs some romping exercises or is curious about us at the fence line. 

Our dairy herd consist 6 Jersey cows, 4 Jersey heifers.

One “Cow Share” provides 1 gallon of milk per week (2 1/2 gallon jars). The cost of a share is a $40 annual fee (non-refundable), plus $35 per month fee for board, and a one-time charge of $8.00 for the glass containers (we use ½ gallon canning jars with plastic lids). Fresh milk taste better when stored in glass as well it retains a longer shelf life.


 1. Room and Board: Over The Grass Farm staff will take excellent care of your cow by providing all the fresh pastured grass it wants, clear clean well water (same as we drink) from multiple locations in the pastures and barns, fresh hay is available all the time, we do have sheltered areas in the hay barn next to the dairy if they need to get out of the weather, professional herdsman and multiple on-call veterinarians if needed anytime of the day or night, live-on farm staff that monitors anything they need overnight.

2. Milking: Over The Grass Farm staff normally milk the cows twice a day unless they feel this is too much for her at either time. We are responsible to them first; the milk they share is a gift we don't take for granted. The fresh milk is transferred directly into cleaned jars with the owners name and placed into our in dairy cooler. The whole process is only a few feet from each other. The milking is then completely cleaned for the next shift.

3. Distribute / Pickup: The owners bottles will be waiting in the cooler until your scheduled pickup day. This is almost always the same day because everyone is ready for their next set of jars. The owner will return their jars weekly, cleaned and died, and with the owners name clearly marked on the jar. If milk is not picked up by the next scheduled pickup, Over The Grass Farm is not responsible. We are discussing the pros and cons of delivering milk to our owners, but have not come to a conclusion as of yet. We will post this decision at a later date.

 PLEASE Print a completed Contract from the URL's above and attach a check for $40 per share for Boarding and also include payment of $8.00 per 1/2 gallon jar.

Note: you should have 4 jars for each cow share - one set for the farm and one that you take home also include payment for 1st months lease and choose your day/days for pickup

Any questions feel free to contact our office at 540-253-5228 or email 


Cow Share Contract 2015