Grass-fed & Finished Beef, Lamb, and Poultry



Bottom Round Roast per lb $7.99

Brisket per lb $7.89

Chuck Roast per lb $5.99 

Delmonico/Ribeye Steak per lb $13.99

Beef Bones per lb (5+lbs) $1.25   

Eye of Round Roast per lb. $7.99

Flank Steak per lb $10.99

Filet Mignon per lb $19.99 

Hamburger per lb  $6.73


Hanging Tender per lb $16.99

Heart per lb $5.00 

Liver per lb $5.00

New York Strip Steak per lb $14.69

Oxtail per pack $5.00

Porter House Steak per lb $14.99

Rib Roast per lb $12.99

Short Ribs per lb $5.49

Sirloin Strip Steak per lb  $10.99

Sirloin Tip Roast per lb $8.99

Skirt Steak per lb $7.99

Soup Bones per lb $3.51(packaged mostly in 3 lbs packs 10.50)

Stew Meat per lb  $6.87  

T-Bone Steak per lb $13.99

Tongue $5.00 per lb

Top Round Roast per lb $8.99



Bones per lb (3+ pounds) $2.50/lb

Ground Lamb per lb $8.50


Heart per pack $5.00

Kidney per pack $5.00

Lamb tongue per pack $5.00

Liver per pack $5.00 

Leg Steaks (approx 1 lb) per lb $ 12.22 updated

Loin Chops (approx .5 lb) per lb $9.56

Sage Lamb Sausage links per 1 lb pack $8.50

Sweet Italian Sausage grillers 1 lb $8.50

Hot Sausage grillers 1 lb $8.50

Rack of Lamb per lb $14.99

Rib Chops (approx .5 lb) per lb $8.99

Shanks per lb $8.99

Lamb Stew Meat per lb $9.49

Lamb Shoulder Steaks (approx 1 lb) per lb 6.99

Whole Bone-in Shoulder Roast per lb $10.99

Whole Bone in Leg Roast per lb $12.99

Whole and Half Lamb and Whole and Half Cow Sale 


Current price per whole beef  lb - based on hanging weight not hoof

Approx weight whole #500 -600 lbs  

Current price per Whole beef is $ 4.75

Current price per half beef is     $ 5.25

estimated processing fee $1.00 per pound of hanging weight

plus customer charges

Deposit is $250.00 per order 

Current Lamb price per lb - based on hanging weight not hoof

Average lamb approx 70#-75#

Current Lamb price per Whole $ 5.50

Current Lamb price per Half  $ 6.00

There is a fee for processing approx        $ 140.00 

Lamb Deposit is $ 150.00

A Cut sheet is below for the Lamb and Beef- please print and attach your deposit check and your cut sheet to any orders for processing.

processing time for beef is about 2 weeks from kill date and Lamb is about 1 week - all meat is to be picked up at the Farm


FILE: (Beef Cut Sheet.pdf)  


 FILE: (Lamb and Goat Cut Sheet 1.pdf)

Price change took place 7/14 for Beef and Lamb Whole and Halves

 Wholesale Beef and Lamb prices by request

*Tax not included*




Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Lamb






per pound



per pound


Chuck Roast (Boneless)

per pound


Chuck Steak (Boneless)

per pound


Delmonico / Rib Eye Steak

per pound


Eye of Round Roast

per pound


Filet Mignon

per pound


Flat Iron Steak

per pound


Ground Beef

per pound


Hanging Tender

per pound


Honeymoon Steak

per pound


Mock Tender Steak

per pound


New York Strip Steaks

per pound


Rib Steak

per pound


Short Ribs

per pound


Sirloin Steak

per pound


Soup Bones

per pound


Stew Meat

per pound




Lamb Chops

per pound


Ground Lamb

per pound


Lamb Boneless Shoulder Roast

per pound


Lamb Bone-in Shoulder Roast

per pound


Lamb Dog Bones

per pound


Lamb Dog Food

per pound


Lamb Heart

per pound


Lamb Kidney

per pound


Leg of Lamb Roast - Boneless

per pound


Leg of Lamb Roast - with Bone

per pound




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Lamb Leg Steaks

per pound


Lamb Liver

per pound


Lamb Loin Roast

per pound


Dinner Sausage

(Sage Sweet or Hot)

per pound


Breakfast Sausage

(Plain or Sweet Italian)

per pound


Lamb Shanks

per pound


Lamp Sirloin Steaks

per pound


Lamb Spare Ribs

per pound


Lamb Stew Meat

per pound